Marcus turned his attention to the long road ahead. And, after several days and nights, Tom Marcus finally arrived in Santa Fe.

Tom Marcus hitched his horse just outside the grounds of the La Parroquia Cathedral, which was undergoing some construction. Marcus began to walk, with a lock, towards his unseen target. He walked, making stops at flower beds, through the city streets with absolute knowledge of its location. He walked into a small storefront, and cut in front a couple of customers by handing them a flower. Tom then asked the man behind the register, “Where is he?”

The man’s eye’s shifted towards a door at the top of a staircase. “Thanks”, he handed the man a flower and proceeded upstairs.

Marcus brought his gun out its holster, stuck a flower in its barrel, and looked back at the people and brought his finger to his lips.


He snuck up the staircase at a creeping pace. When he reached the top of the staircase, he lifted the gun into the air and pulled the trigger.


The gun made a muted whistle sound, which was followed by the people downstairs falling to sleep. He then loudly kicked down the door, which had nothing but a void. He reached into the void. The man dressed in white, from the earlier attempt on his life, was now caught by the collar. The man screamed in a high pitch set of yelps, to which Tom hollered in a deep baritone, “Nah uh! Think you can just go jumping universes without answering to me?”

Marcus threw the man down the stairs, which sounded like a boulder crashing down a flight of stairs. And when the man landed at the bottom he said, “So, I’m a golem, what of it human!?”

“Good, now that’s what I’m talking about!”, Marcus then tipped his hat up, “Now I’ll be civil.”

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