Tom reached out his hand to lift the golem. It laughed and said, “A human trying to lift a golem?”

Marcus responded, “I can lift about a ton.” The golem reached out, at pulled at the cowboy’s hand, attempting to make him fall.

But still, without an issue, Tom pulled him up. “Now, give me your interdimensional transportation device, then we’ll meet at sunset and grab some tea. There’s a shop next to ‘Books Station y Gally’ on the west side of the plaza. Absolutely wonderful sun tea during the evening, with some green chile enchilada, absolutely delicious.”

“Ack!”, interrupted the golem, “You humans disgust me!”

“What? You can have red chile, I won’t judge.” Laughed Marcus.

The golem looked frustrated, “I’m not surrendering my ecapsWatch.”

Tom Marcus reached out, grabbed a fog watch from the golem’s side, and said, “You’ll get this back… plus, time and space traveling with a fog watch, how cliché.”

“Says the cowboy dressed in all black.” Scoffed the angry man in white.

Tom took two steps back from the golem and looked toward an open window, “你覺得?” (Nǐ juéde?)

“I speak English, you ignorant buckaroo!” said a female voice, as the Chinese wolfgirl from earlier peaked her head over the edge of the windowsill.

“Good, now that everyone’s aware of where we’re goin’, meet you guys at sunset.” Tom threw the flower, from his gun, to the floor and stepped on it with his black boots. And everyone in the shop started to wake up, “I’m sure y’all are wonderin’ why you fell asleep. My two associates will explain it to you.” Tom pointed at the golem and the girl, then proceeded to leave the building.

Tom began to run passed the plaza, toward the cathedral, jumped on his horse, and galloped out of town.

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