“Where was she? How’d you meet Aru?” Asked the, now, annoyed Death.

Dave patted Death’s shoulder, “We can’t win ‘em all bud. But, Tom found her being transported from the Jemez Mountains to Santa Fe.”

Ari giggled, “Two points to The Vanguard.”

Marcus sarcastically said, “Oh, yeah, totally. I got mine and Death’s missions done.” The angels and the Vanguard laughed, “And it only took a year.”

Their laughter stopped as Death pointed at the sun, which was a dim point of light within Death’s dust-storm, it was around Noon.

Marcus said, “I best be off. See you later gentlemen, and you too little lady.” Ari nodded, “My brother and I will be watching you from afar, so don’t expect any help from us.”

Tom snickered, “Like I’d expect any help from your brother. Getting Reapers, like Death and Dave, to do what you want is like trying to get water from a dry well.” His look turned somber, “Naw, your brother and Death are probably the two closest friends I’ve ever had. You’re in good hands, and if you turn out half as good as these guys you’ll be a Reaper in no time.”

Dave and Death waved at Tom as he rode away quickly, they all said, “God bless partner!”

Tom rode out of the sandstorm back into Santa Fe. He followed the train tracks, and turned right onto San Francisco Street, and turned left at Lincoln Avenue, and tied up his horse right in front of the Hotel Capital. He walked towards the Books & Station’y Gall’y, he passed right by it, into a little Grocery store with a Restaurant sign. He sat down at a bar in the back and turned toward the bartender, a small stocky woman, “I’ll take my usual, your fabulous green chile enchiladas.”

“Thomas,” she cried, “mijo, it’s been years since I’ve seen you.” The little old woman waddled around the bar towards the tall black man.

He also began to tear up, “Tía Amora, my auntie!”

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